Why Apple And Samsung Are Yet Quiet About Their Launches?

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A war between Apple and Samsung, related to technology and design patents, has been continuing since last couple of years. As situation are depicting, the battle is not going to be ended in coming years. Indeed, it’s tough for Apple to endure the supremacy of Samsung in smartphone segment. In Q2 of this year, Samsung shipped almost double the smartphone Apple shipped for the quarter.

According to the latest rumor rumors, Apple is going to launch its flagship “iPhone 5” next month. As we explained earlier, Samsung could also launch its flagship product (Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab) on August 15 this year. However, both Apple and Samsung have neither officially announced any specific date of release nor spilled any beans on their next flagship products.

Whether It’s Galaxy Note Smartphone Or Tablet


On Friday last week, Samsung emailed out an invitation for the Galaxy product event, which is going to be happened on August 15 of this year in New York. However, the South Korean Giant has refused to say anything about the product. It’s still unclear, whether Samsung is going to launch a Note Tablet or Smartphone. An unnamed Samsung spokesman said to Reuters that the company has planned to unveil a new ‘Galaxy Note Smartphone’ in late August. On the other side, Apple might launch its iPhone 5 on September 12 this year.

Really, it’s still matter of concern that why Apple and Samsung are so apprehensive to declare their next products. Why Samsung is afraid to launch its Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet this month? Is it true that Samsung will launch its Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab to retaliate Apple when it will launch its iPad mini? Samsung might launch its Galaxy Note sequel in late August to contend Apple’s iPhone 5.

Is It an Initiation Of Screen War?

It’s widely speculated that Apple’s next generation iPhone will have larger screen display than its predecessors (having 3.5 inch screen size). While we consider about the screen size of Samsung’s three successful smartphones, then we find that they all have bigger screen than Apple’s iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a 4.65-inch display, while Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note have 4.8-inch and 5.3-inches display screens respectively. At present, users are quite interested to get their hands on larger screen size smartphone and that’s why, Apple is planning to launch bigger iPhone.

I have already described about the target customers and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab. Obviously, users those want to  do some creative works and enjoy Stylus experiences on large screen size Tablet will prefer Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab. But, the mystery will be unveiled when Samsung’s divulged its next product at New York event on August 15 this year. Then, wait for August 15 and try to find out what the South Korean tech-giant is actually planning.




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