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How many times have you designed a campaign keeping the most neglected age-group as your target audience? I am sure; you are scratching your head to look for a reasonable answer of this! But the situation is no more the same as it used to be before. Now, if you really want to see your sales graph mounting, then there could be no better and responsive age group people belong to 50 – 65 years. Once the most deserted people of Tech Industry, boomers have been transformed into a ‘Most Valuable Generation’, especially when it comes to Online Sales.

As per the latest study on online shopping and boomers by Nielsen, boomers – people who belongs to the age group of 50+ years – are the ones who are really contributing significantly in almost every aspect of internet and social media industry. Though, they are ‘tagged’ as quite conservative mindset people towards technology adoption, interestingly, 33% of all internet and social media users belong to the same category. Infact, 33% boomers are addictive and heavy internet users.

Today And Tomorrow

The boomers have got time and reserved handsome money to invest over online shopping. Report highlights that in US alone next 5 years are going to be crucial for businesses as 70% of disposable income will be controlled by boomers. 67% of boomers plan to spend more time on hobbies, interest and sizable luxury items as they get relaxed from income focused life to spending and relaxed phase of life.

Though the younger generation is the one who adopts the technology fast but boomers are making it to float with steady pace. Their marketing and media friendly approach – due to ample free time – makes them to lure towards technology and adoption. Usage of iPhones, Apple TV, Movie and music download subscription is much higher among boomers than today’s young generation.

Boomers are trying to make best and far-most use of inevitable aging and retirement. While young age people are always stay fascinated towards new technology, services, gadgets, boomers do take time. But, once convinced, they are the ones who drive the growth by buying related products in numbers than young generation. Be it social media, internet usage, mobile handsets, boomers have proved themselves as one of the most valuable and approachable customers for any business.


  1. Love the stats in this article! Was just conversing with any older client that did not believe it is worth targeting this exact age group…will be sharing your insightful article with her now! Thanks!


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