Leaked Images Show Off RIM’s 10-Inches PlayBook Tablet: A Bigger Mistake

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This year in shareholders meeting, RIM’s new CEO announced that the company is focusing on its BB10 project and also assured to shareholders to keep patience till January of the next year. I have already discussed that it’s the time for the company to reconsider about the line up of the products. It’s better to have two or three models rather than  to have 15 or 20 products of almost similar types.

Rumors About 10-Inches PlayBook Tablet

Anyway, leaked images (unveiled by Tinthe) have revealed that the company is planning to launch 10-inch PlayBook. An array of leaked images have showed off a bigger BlackBerry slab. As per image (shown below), the Tablet seems quite larger compare to the existing 7-inch Tablet.

The hardware encompassed in the Tablet is almost unchanged. Here, you could see a bigger footprint and screen ratio. The device would have potent 7,250 mAh battery incorporated in the 10 –inch frame, besides, it would be equipped with SIM holder and cellular radios. The Vietnamese site has reported that the Tablet would support 4G connectivity.

But I think, RIM’s decision to launch 10-inch Tablet is not a good idea. Users are more likely to own 7-inch Tablet due to its form factor and portability. That’s why; a significant number of manufacturers (such as Google, Apple and Amazon) are concentrating on 7-inch Tablet. Still, there’s a considerable number of proponents those are likely to get their hand on 7-inch slates. In addition to these, the price is also a matter of concern. We can’t ignore pricing parameter for the success of any device. RIM’s decision to launch 10-inch cellular Tablet could be a big mistake because the Tablet will expected to be more expensive. According to a recent survey, half of the folks in the U.S. (those purchased Tablet last year) didn’t activated services of the carriers on their Tablet. It’s pretty clear why users are reluctant to own cellular Tablet. The reason is unavailability of users-friendly cellular data planning for cellular Tablets.

RIM’s Endeavor To Entice Developers

In February of this year, RIM released its Playbook OS 2.0 version, facilitating anyone to convert APK file to BAR file (PlayBook supported ecosystem file). The OS version allows users to install and run Android application on RIM’s Tablets. In February of the same year, the company also endeavored to entice Android developers to create apps for BlackBerry ecosystem. But, it’s really very tough for RIM (which is still struggling to make its presence in Tablet segment) to lure app developers of successful platforms. App developers are not likely to develop apps for struggling platforms. Recently, I’ve discussed that just 2% of developers around the world are willing to develop apps for RIM. Here, I’ve a rigor point that you can’t be succeeded in the Tablet market until and unless you haven’t a strong mobile ecosystem.

Business Professionals Are Reluctant To Use PlayBook  

Launching of 10-inch Tablet means RIM is trying to compete with the world’s most successful iPad. A strong mobile ecosystem around the Tablet is the main key for the success of the device, but it’s just reverse in the case of PlayBook. Last year, the company had to plummet the cost of the device. Although, the company has created a good impression into the mind of professionals and businesses, but it’s due to its Smartphone, not by Tablet. According to another report, 91% of business professionals are using iPad for their purposes. Undoubtedly, it means they are relying on the Apple’s iPad that it’s safe and secure in the workplace. Indeed, it’s very tough for RIM to make penetration  into the business segment through its Tablets.

If we forget price, mobile ecosystem and credibility for some instances, despite it would not be called as a prudent decision of RIM. At present, the company is struggling to survive in the market. However, I have already mentioned that RIM should stop the production of PlayBook division because the company is currently going through the economical crisis and it needs billions of dollars to run productions of PlayBook.  This time, the company should focus on the selective products and also try to inhibit extra expenditure on unsuccessful products.




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