Top 5 Social Media Marketing Myths That Need To Be Debunked!

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Social media has crossed the age of “just socializing”. Other than social interaction, these sites are vastly inculcated by many small and big firms for their business and the correct use of Social media could change the way of social media marketing forever.

Using Social media in the right way will add up effectiveness to your strategy. But when it comes to Social media marketing, still there are some myths that are slithering in the minds of business officials.

Myth #1 – It should be handled by a Marketing professional:

When it comes to Social media marketing, many professionals think that social network is not their cup of tea. They try spending dollars on hiring marketing professionals, which is not required in all the cases. After all you are the person who know in detail about your product and you are the perfect guy to put forward your ideas. It just need a little strategy where you need to post your ideas and maintain a rapport with your customers. You might need to indulge in quality discussions and should follow-up with people online.  And there is nothing wrong in hiring marketing guys, if you think that you alone cannot handle all the work. This statement holds good for large-scale business organizations.

Myth #2 – Free Social Media:

Most of you, largely use social media which is available for free. You spend hours interacting with people trying to build a good relations with your customers. And if you think that you can continue with the same strategy of using social media marketing for free, then it might a wrong idea my friend. I mean, you can continue with the age-old strategy, but you are again going to end up spending hours of extra time. Sooner or later you might want to optimize your profile by spending some bucks. Successful business personals already have employed this strategy and eventually they saved a lot of their precious time. So do you want to take the shortcut by spending some money or take the ever exhausting long cut.

Myth #3 – Blogging isn’t for business:

Still there are many people who think blogging is a fad and is unnecessary for promoting their business. Blogging could be the source to the people of your business model. Having an official blog page for your business, helps you to project you plans and strategies of your business or product. But the blog page should be written in a professional manner with the best insight to your business model. You cannot fool around with your blog. For example, check out the official blogging pages of the top companies like Google, Yahoo etc.

Myth #4 – It’s pretty easy and you don’t need a strategy:

The myth about social media marketing being easy, needs to be debunked. If you think social media marketing doesn’t require any strategy and working your way through social media is easy, then you are wrong. It’s just a fallacy.

Social media marketing is a serious business and needs a perfect strategy. For example, take LinkedIn for instance. Initially you need to build a professional profile page where you need to find out relevant groups or people who might be interested in your product. Following which, you can post-in the best blue-print of your business or brand. And that’s not over yet, you need to join in various discussion and promotion forums, in order to spread the message. Later you need to follow-up with them via comments and some times you might have to get interested in others product as well.

Myth #5 – You need to be present on every social platforms:

social media

You don’t have to wander on every social network sites, for social marketing. Chances are you might be present on every social sites and yet not be able to deploy a strong impact on the customers. It’s not about the quantity, rather it’s about the quality. Many people even complain that they spent months on social networking and it did not go well. But the fact is they did not have a good social marketing plan.

It would be better to first concentrate on a single social network, learn the techniques and strategies and then move on to other social sites.


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