How Marissa Mayer Could Pull out Google’s Talent Pool Toward Yahoo?

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Undoubtedly, at present, Yahoo is going through rough patches. There have been a turmoil inside Yahoo to have a permanent CEO, almost half of dozen CEOs have left the company since the last five years. The search giant has recently announced Marissa Mayer as its new CEO and it’s considered that Mayer is only the hope could bring the company on the track.  At present, Yahoo’s talent pool has been shrunk to puddle and really there’s need to hire some genius managers and productive people for the company.

At Google, Mayer played a crucial role for hiring talents, young enthusiastic engineers and product mangers, responsible to bring Google at the distinct level. Thanks to accelerated leadership program–Associate Product Manager (APM)–guided by Mayer. In the APM program, Mayer played a pioneer role. This time, Yahoo has also a need of such accelerated leadership program.

Role Of Marissa In APM Program

However, Mayer had been an important part of this program and after leaving Google, she could harvest her long experiences at Yahoo. If we discuss about the prolegomenon of APM program at Google, then we will find out the program is responsible to make Google one of the most competitive giants. Indeed, the talents working under the APM program are genius. We might have heard about Brain Rakowski, the first APM, was key leader of the team that build Chrome browser and now, he is the VP of the chrome operation. Wesley Chan, another APM, made successful to Google Toolbar, and later, participated to launch ‘Google Analytic’ and ‘Google Voice’. In addition to these, Bret Taylor, one of the APMs, launched Google Maps, but later, he left Google and now, he is working as Facebook’s chief technical officer.

Arrival And Departure Of Talents At Google

Like Bret, there were lots of APMs, who worked for Google and later left the company. It’s also true, a considerable number of APMs have not got popularity, but they are known as elite. In 2002, Google was seeking for PMs, who could work for the company even in the peculiar environment; they could understand technical issues and could efficiently guide to team. That time, Google did not want to recruit neither experienced PMs as Microsoft and other tech-companies had nor it was willing to entertain those with MBA qualification.  Mayer suggested Google to hire the computer science majors (those just passed graduate and having experiences less than 18 months). Here, she had strategy to hire real talent (because technology changes with the time, and especially in the last five years, it has been terrifying) rather than the programming geeks.

Contacts Of Marissa With Talent  Pool

Apparently, the program has laid massive success for Google and has also played key role in carving dozens of innovative products (ranging from apps to searching browser). From beginning of the program, a significant number of employees have come and left Google, but Mayer continued with leading the team. She made a great impression on the team members and had also made good relationship with them. Many of them are still in touch with Mayer.

If I will have to describe about the role of Marissa in APM program in nutshell, then I’ll say, she had created a  strong connections with over three hundreds of the most talented tech people. Among all, some had moved to Facebook and some other companies from Google and some of them started building their own enterprises. I’m not astounding if some of them will move up to Yahoo. Mayer has good networks with talented people and she will try to entice major proportions to Yahoo (her new home). Undoubtedly, Marissa Mayer is one of the talented CEOs this time, and advent of APMs at Yahoo could bring something big for the company.



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