Will The Acquisition Of Sparrow Change The Game For Gmail Forever?[Video]

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Google already has dozens of Android apps for its services like Gmail and further the firm show interest in expanding its territory over the iOS/Mac platform. Whether iOS or Android, the “name of the game” is to engage a maximum number of users around the world. So Google acquires Sparrow.

Google acquisition of Sparrow – an email client, could be a benefit for all those apple fans who use Gmail. Sparrow is available for the iOS and Mac. It will cost you $2.99 for iOS and $9.99 for your Macs.

Dom Leca – CEO of Sparrow says that they are joining the Gmail team to accomplish a bigger vision with Google.

Why did Google possibly Acquire Sparrow:

Earlier, with the Gmail iOS app, most of the users had to strive with the issues related to some of the features in the app like

  • Full notification center support
  • The ability to send messages from your alternate email addresses
  • Improved login experience.

It is mentioned in the official Gmail Blog:

“Gmail is now fully integrated with Notification Center. We’ve improved the login process to allow you to stay logged into the app for as long as you’d like. We’ll continue to improve the app, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more features in future releases.”

And Google’s acquisition of Sparrow is the answer for the bug fixes and other issues related to Gmail in iOS,  in the future.

Google boasted about the 425 million active users of Gmail, which surpassed Hotmail for the first time, making Gmail number 1. Google introduced Gmail Sms, which enable users to send and receive emails to their phone as a sms.

Now all this clearly shows Google’s zeal in maintaining the good status of Gmail and the acquisition of Sparrow is not a thing to be surprised.

Google Sparrow email client
 Email client Google Sparrow:

In Sparrow, you just need to swipe up and down to get the previous or next message. It is a user-friendly app for adding contacts, as your most contacted addresses are always on top. Users need to swipe a message to reply, star, label, archive or delete a message. You can swipe or tap the top bar to navigate between inbox, unread and favorites in your iPhone. Users can automatically identify important mails or priority mails.

Users can all their friends profile photos while interactive with the Facebook friends. Sharing of files via attachments in your mail, with big file size, no longer will be a concern to you. You just need to drag and drop the file into the app window.

No updates in the near future can be expected in Sparrow. But surely Sparrow might help in adding a little user engagement rate among the Gmail users in iOS, as the earlier launched Gmail app version didn’t go well in the iOS platform.

Hopefully users might not have to face the issues related to the previous version of Gmail app for iOS. This would warm up more iOS users to use the   number 1 email service (Gmail).

Here is a video presentation of the iOS/Mac email client – Sparrow


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