Samsung To Unveil “Galaxy Note 2” On 15th August ?

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Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy SIII model worldwide; which is still warming up the Android market for the company. Company’s latest flagship has yet to complete three months of tenure and a new major product is on the floor to be launched. Yes, it’s true, the South Korean electronics giant might unveil its another major —Samsung Galaxy Note Tab—on August 15 of this year. However, the news has been confirmed from the company’s invitation to the media, saying it’ll host a press conference for its Galaxy new device on August 15 this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note Is For Screen Fanatics

However, the invitations were sent from Samsung Electronics America, but not from Samsung Telecommunication America. The company has confirmed that the conference is all about the non-Smartphone product. It’s clear, the new device is Tablet, but what it would be? However, rumors are revealing about the next generation Galaxy Note model, but it has not yet been confirmed officially. For some instances, if we accept the new device is Galaxy Nexus Tablet, then one question spontaneously pokes into the mind, what would be the size of the Tablet? Undoubtedly, the company has designed the device for those consider “Smartphone screen is too small but the Tablet screen is too large”. But the rumors are depicting something else.

Rumors About “Galaxy Note Tablet”

This month, T-mobile (in the U.S.) made the Samsung Galaxy Note official. According to the U.S. carrier, Samsung is going to launch its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note 2 Tablet in “the coming weeks”. But, in February of this year at Mobile World Congress (MWC) event, Samsung revealed about the Galaxy Note 10.1, where the company claimed to provide a true Tablet experiences to users.

Why Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet?

What are you thinking now? Are you really in dilemma whether the Tablet will have 10.1 inch screen or 5.3 Tablet? If the upcoming device will have 10.1 inch screen, undoubtedly it would be the end of a Phablet (hybrid of Tablet and Smartphone) era. But, I want to know the reason why Samsung  has decided to build larger screen size Nexus Tablet? It’s true, the device has proven itself in the market as one of the successful products of the company. Until March of this year, the company had sold over 5 million Galaxy Note devices. There’s is a question, whether the company is really trying to entice “Note enthusiasts” by providing Note’s features on 10-inch Tablet screen. Indeed, the company is caring about the screen fanatics (those are excited to get their hand on Phablet screen and wants Smartphone features on the Tablet).

Features Of Galaxy Note Tablet

I have little doubt, as company has released its invitation, it’s focusing on the Tablet (might be on Note as well). And of course, it’s targeting to bigger screen size device. As per some other rumors, the device is expected to have 10.1 inch HD screen with display resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels and 1.4 GHz Samsung Exynos processor. The device is also expected to have 1 GB of RAM, up to 64 GB of Internal storage, besides it would have two cameras–front facing camera with 2 MP resolution and a rear camera with 5 MP feature. In addition to these, it would have also usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and of course we might expect Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Could Galaxy Note Tablet prove Itself?

As I think, a strong logic behind the success of the Galaxy Note is its screen size, but this time, the company has announced to make a true Tablet. And by the way, at present, most of the Tablet vendors are focusing on portable 7-inch Tablet, even Apple has also decide to launch “iPad Mini” later this year. Recently, Google has also released its Nexus 7 Tablet, which is considered as the best Tablet of this screen size category. Yet, Samsung is relying on 10 inch screen Tablet. Would you think the new experiment of the company could be succeeded like Phablet? I’m still perplexed, Samsung is not considered as successful Tablet manufacturer. Anyway, the company is trying to provide some features like “S Pen stylus” on the Tablet, but how much it’s effective could be seen in the future.



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