How To Use Skype For Effective Video Conferencing [Infographic]

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Videos have proven to paint its footprints around the world for its popular activities with millions of users on a day to day basis. It is the best way to capture our emotions with the moving picture and exact scenario. Videos are responsible to make people to enter someone’s life and in order to lose in his emotions. Sharing persons activities and memorable movements with their dear ones via live picture, texting facility and voice accessibility made Skype more adorable amongst the other video chatting software. Showing positive responses to all of its users is one of the biggest achievements for Skype.

Started in 2003, Skype gradually implemented more features in it and introduced features like Instant messaging, file transfers and video conference which gave a new standard for the firm. After significant popularity and worldwide acceptance, the firm was acquired for $8.5 billion by Microsoft in 2011 . In addition to this, an Infographic by Online-Education, shows the different usage of the software since it debuted.

According to the Infographic, Skype is most preferably used for job interviews. It made the requirement process easy by taking the live interviews via digital mode. Online video made the total interview process more worthy and less time consuming. The software is also being used for healthcare and criminal justice. 47% people used Skype for the long distance call where only 19% people used telephonic mode of action for establishing a long distance call.

40 million of users were online on April 10 2012, showing the maximum number of Skype users at one time and it is more popular in Europe, Middle East Asia and Africa. More than 29,000 teachers are uploading their videos, ideas and articles in Skype for their study via 700 resources. In future employees of a particular company expect more video conferencing techniques rather than to general mail and phone call facilities. According to Infographic more number of people understood the audio and video instructions ore than general voice instructions.

Bellow Infographic shows the splendid features of Skype and its global usage.



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