If Facebook Is For Brand Promotion Than What About YouTube?[Video]

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Facebook, Twitter, news portal or any other social media sites mainly use YouTube videos to reveal information or happenings about anything. YouTube has become a part of Internet Family. Which ever site you go, it’s mostly YouTube’s videos which are mostly viewed (Google must be proud). Moreover most of the youngster are busy watching YouTube videos rather than the TV (YouTube killed TV).

It’s obvious that most of the business people use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for promoting their business or brand. And if you think that only social networking sites are used for brand promotion, then think again.

And where ever there is a  brand or business online, there is a video (YouTube video) behind its promotion, in most of the cases. Most of the people come to know more and more about the new films, musics or celebrities online. And eventually all these films, music albums and celebrities get popular in no time (popular over night). Videos go viral and the video views increase exponentially.


As YouTube Videos are a part of Google, the chances of these videos to be found in the search results is higher and pretty obvious. More over people are more likely to instantly view videos than the content in your website.

That is why Branders concentrate or pour money over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote their brand rather than marketing, through mails or television ads. Over 4 billion YouTube videos are watched every day and 30% of YouTube traffic is from US alone. Indians are the top for watching more technology relevant videos globally. This is definitely a good news for the Branders, especially with the rise of internet usage via the mobile devices.

Brands like Red Bull, Old Spice, Rovio Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Disney Pixar, Nike, Volkswagen, Sony Music, Warner Music etc are some of the top brands companies that is benefited by YouTube. However these rankings keep on changing (see socialbakers). Not only that, already a lot of company like Wibbitz are building software to convert text into videos, which might be helpful to highlight business.

As soon as a person encounters some interesting brand, business or website etc, over the internet, the person is more likely to go and search YouTube videos pertaining to that brand. Similarly it is same with the celebrities or singers who promote their business via YouTube. If YouTube did not existed than most probably all these celebrities wouldn’t have got so much popular overnight. And obviously I don’t even have to mention how the popular porn starts promote their business through YouTube.

YouTube Group Product Manager Baljeet Singh said:


“YouTube has proved to be a really effective place for small businesses to build their brands – but they don’t always have the resources or ideas to create great video ads.”

So YouTube will be beneficial for most of the startups, small and big companies to promote their products, especially with its launch of  “Marketplace“. Here is an impressive video for The Dirty Dash – World’s Muddiest Race by Mr. Graham


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