Ads On Facebook Home Page: Is It Good Or Bad For Users [Study]

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Recently, Facebook has announced to increase in the number of ads on users’ home pages. The social media company’s revenue is steadily declining due to the poor performance of its IPO (Initial public offering) on NASDAQ since its launch in May 2012. In order to recuperate revenue loss, Facebook is now focusing on its main source of revenue via ads.

The company recently released a demo version of the website, which shows 10 ads on Facebook home page, instead of just 6. Users can see 10 different ads on their timelines. After the heavy IPO crashes, Facebook is looking for alternatives to keep up its pace.

Facebook Ad Limits Per Page

Previously the ad limit per page was 6, which was later increased to 7. Now as the social networking giant has revealed in its demo version, the number of ads on Facebook user’s home page will be increased to 10 in the coming days. However, it’s not officially declared, but we might expect 10 ads on our Facebook timeline in the future.

As Facebook users are more active on posts, the authorities assume that the users might also be involved more in their ads (as per the Facebook blog). The companies that are investing in Facebook ads are quite assured with brand promotions. Solariat is a company monitoring all social media activities for a particular brand and the CEO of the company spotted Facebook ads as the most revenue generating source compare to other social networking sites. In addition to this, Solariat is going to fix problems pertaining to Facebook brand promotions and ad representation. Companies like GM Motors stopped their sponsorship from Facebook ads, showing reason as it is not worthy.

Indeed, in the future, Facebook will encourage more and more users to go through its ads and brands. But, there’s a question, will Facebook users accept these new updates? Engaging users on social networking sites through ads is really a very tough task for marketers due to the lack of interest of users in ads. On social networking sites, users are always concerned with building friendships and sharing stuff. And I think Facebook’s decision to increase the number of ads on the home page could make discomfort for its active users. Even some of the users have not hesitated to install plugins like ad block to get rid of ads. Undoubtedly, by including additional ads on the Facebook News Feed, the social networking website is going to generate more revenue, but it could lose a significant number of users.



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