Are 7-inches Tablets ‘A Real Need’ Or ‘Just Business’?

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There’s a buzz around about the 7-inches Tablets, but really, there’s a need of such screen size devices. Google has just launched its Nexus 7 Tablet for $199 and we are also familiar with Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire. Even, Apple is currently working on its 7-inch Tablet, which is expected to be launched later this year. Despite of being considered as most successful Tablet, a mini version of iPad is being launched later this year by Apple.

I think, an evolution of portable Tablet has begun and users have become more conscious about the portability of the device. Indeed, they are more eager to own those Tablet which are easier to be carried anywhere. At present, 7-inch Tablet is considered as an ultra-portable entertainment device, the screen size is more delightful than Smartphone’s screen. However, a 10-inch Tablets (like iPad) are more portable than notebook but it could not be plausible as much as 7-inch Tablets are.

iPad users are more specific about personal computing and assignments. It has been noticed that the specific groups of consumers are steadily shifting from traditional PC platform to Tablet.


I consider, for Google and Amazon, a 7-inch Tablet is ecosystem propeller. The reason is quite obvious; last year, Amazon launched 7-inch Kindle Fire in order to drive its commerce. The device has been designed in such a way to compel consumers to focus on Amazon commerce business and Amazon’s services. As I have already mentioned number of times that hardware selling is not Amazon’s primary business. The company launched its 7-inch device lower than even its break-even price. Why it’s selling so? It’s clear, here, the company’s intention was to launch device for nominal price so that a significant number of users could afford to own the device and that’s why, it relied on 7-inch Tablet.

On the other side, Google is trying to extend its business on the larger screen (more than Smartphone), that’s why, it has launched 7-inches Tablet, a solid first step of the search giant in the direction of its tightly integrated services. Previously, I have mentioned that how Google has subsidized its Tablet for making a strong dent in the Tablet segment. Surprisingly, the search engine giant is also trying to promote its business through 7-inch Tablet.

Clearly, Amazon and Google are using such form factor to generate more money. A 7-inch device is quite portable and also suitable for streaming media ecosystem services like music store, digital books, video, magazine, TV show stores and more.

Sometimes, I’m getting little bit confuse with a recent success of Kindle Fire and augmenting demands of 7-inch Tablet, demonstrating 7-inch device is need, whereas, stereotype attitude of Amazon and other players are depicting, it’s just for business. Recently, Apple’s new iPad recorded over 3 million shipments within three days period since its launch, while other side, Amazon has also planned to launch 10-inch Tablet later this year.



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