Yahoo Endeavors To Strengthen Its “Image Search” With HQ Pics [Review]

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Images speak louder than words and the craving for the high quality photos is largely in demand. For all those high quality photo desiring fans, Yahoo – the next popular search engine giant (after Google), has added a new feature to its image search with the mutual help of Getty Images.

It seems that Yahoo wants to boost its image search with most recent and high quality pictures, enabling its users to experience a stunning visual experience. In its blog, yahoo has thanked Getty Images for its huge photo collections. “Gettyimages” is the first company to license imagery online. Over 20,000 new images are added every day by Getty Images. Thanks to its award-winning crew of photographers.

Yahoo said in its blog post:


“Of course we also help people find top quality images of the very latest headline news, sports and entertainment events within minutes of being taken.”

Image Search Results for Taj Mahal


Images are arranged in a nice grid view fashion. A link (Yahoo! HQ) in the left of the ‘Yahoo image search’  fetches users’ requests with the latest high quality pictures by Getty Images. Photos with high quality are categorized by a HQ batch, pinned to it.

The initial image intrestingly states “99+ HQ images” when you search for a query in yahoo image search bar. Similarly, Yahoo is enabling its users to view HQ videos by using adaptive streaming technology and HTML5.

All these HQ photos are at least 2 megapixels and are of 1024 x 768 aspect ratio. Yahoo provides a slideshow type view for these images in a new window. Too bad that these pictures cannot be utilized by the “photo fans” because these images are copyrighted by GettyImages.


Some glitches in Yahoo image search:

Can yahoo be a strong competitor to Google? I appreciate the fact that high quality pictures in yahoo search are fabulous but it seems that there are some glitches that Yahoo needs to look into.

  • While mousing over the images, it almost takes 1-2 seconds for the image to get a larger view, which is slightly more than the time taken in Google image search.
  • After a few scrolls, images are not found to be seen. I have to scroll down to the last and select load more.

Image Search Results for jewellary

There are many websites merely making money out of its image service, whether it is image sharing or other services. Yahoo is a popular search engine after Google. So Yahoo surely needs to consider over these glitches and fix them, as Yahoo has the potential to drive millions of new users towards it.




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