Is Apple’s Voice Assistant “Siri” Really Pathetic Compare To “Google Search”?

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Undoubtedly, a significant number of developers have been experimenting on voice recognition since last year. In May 2012, Samsung launched “S Voice”–a voice recognition assistant–, which was integrated with Galaxy SIII model. Previously, I’ve described how Samsung’s S Voice is more venerable than Apple’s “Siri”. Indeed, a considerable numbers of people do not believe that “Siri” is impeccable voice recognition app.

Siri was forced to release as deficient product last year. However, it’s tough to believe, but it’s true. The product (voice assistant) was launched by the company meanwhile the project (before accomplishment). The reason is quite obvious, the company was afraid to be disclosing of the idea. That’s why, the voice recognition app is facing some sorts of problem. Presently, consumers are criticizing that the voice assistant is unable to perform numbers of tasks that Apple has demonstrated in its commercial.

But, you will have to believe on the testing performed by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster last week. Munster asked a series of 1600 questions to Siri and Google Search (Google’s voice assistant for Jelly Bean OS) for finding out the accuracy of the response. According to him, Siri was able to recognize 83% of commands during noisy conditions and 89% in quiet environments. But, the question is all about the accuracy of the voice assistant, Siri replied just 62% of the questions correctly in noisy situations and 68% in the quiet room. Comparatively, while the same questions were asked to “Google Search” it replied accurately to 86% of the time.


Munster said, “In order to become a viable mobile search alternative Siri must match or surpass Google’s accuracy of B+ and move from a grade D to a B or higher. We expect Siri to improve meaningfully while reducing its reliance on Google from 60% to 48%.”

However, it’s not the matter that Apple is unfamiliar with the issues. Obviously, the company is trying its level-based to rectify the problems and that’s why the company announced at WWDC event this year that it will beeping up the app in its upcoming OS. It’s also interesting to know from where Siri is retrieving the data. Munster also said that Siri uses to access 60% of the information from Google, 4% from Yahoo, 14% from WolframAlpha, 20% from Yelp and 2% from Wikipedia.

As grading is concern, the firm (Piper Jaffray) has provided ‘D’ grade to Apple’s voice assistant, while Google search was rewarded by ‘B’ grade. Indeed, it’s very tough to believe that Apple’s voice assistant (considered as best app ever at the end of last year) is pathetic.

See the video, how “Google Search” is better is than “Siri”.


Will Google Search Outclass The Popularity Of Siri?


Since last year, I have been informing that Google has been working on some secret voice recognition project. Previously, it was claimed to be Majel, but later, it was confirmed as Assistant. Now, it’s well known that the Google has launched its artificial intelligence based voice recognition assistant “Google search” last week. It’s clear, from the above video that Google search is no way vulnerable than Siri and really, this time, Apple needs to work hard on its voice assistant.



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