Ford KeyFree Login: Now Login Into Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and More, Faster Than You Think!

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Often most people find it difficult to log into various websites over and over again by entering their passwords (especially the long ones).  Some try using the ‘Remember me’ option which does not go well when the browser cookies are deleted. Users want a way by which they can access their favorite sites without doing anything and log out safely.

“Ford KeyFree Login” app by Ford – a leading car manufacturer – lets you to access Facebook, Twitter and Gmail without entering the password. Currently this app is available only at France and soon might be available internationally. I tried searching for the keyFree info in Ford’s website but couldn’t find one.

This app originally is created for the Ford cars, by which a person can unlock the door just by walking towards the car. It’s a super cool feature and the company just might be contributing more towards the app. Soon this technology might be loved among the car owners and eventually used by other car manufacturers too.


You require a chrome extension in the browser and a smartphone that is to be paired to a Mac system. As soon as you walk near the Mac system with your Smartphone, you can log into the website without having to do anything, in a blink of an eye. All this can be performed with the help of the Bluetooth in the devices.

The cool part comes here; As you are about to leave your Mac, just walk away with your phone and your account automatically logs out. Cool isn’t it ! you come in, check website and just walk away.




But still a lot of updates for the technology is required as any one – your friend, enemy or even your spouse – can use the phone to access the website and god know how your web page could be compromised. Maybe you should carry your cellphone even to the toilet every time. Hope and waiting for this technology to reach global market soon.



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