88% Users Didn’t Use Library For eBook In The Past 12 Months: [Survey]

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At present, enormous number of eBook contents are being provided by variant vendors worldwide. Now, reading habits of eReaders have been changed due to proliferation of Tablet and Smartphone. Public libraries are trying to rise digital awareness among eReaders. According to a recent survey (conducted in the U.S.), 62% readers accepted that they even didn’t know whether their libraries were offering e-Book lending or not. In the U.S., three-quarter of public libraries were offering eBook lending services to readers during the survey period. The survey were conducted among Americans ages 16+.

While a question was asked to respondents that where they used to look first when they needed to read a particular eBook, then 75% of respondents said that they used to look at an online bookstore/website, while 12% preferred to visit public library. Moreover, 5% respondents didn’t know where they would find that particular book.

On questioning to Americans aged over 16 years (those read eBook in the last 12 months) about how many times in the past 12 months had they borrowed books from the library, 6% replied that they borrowed 1-5 times, while 2% borrowed more than 25 times. More interesting paraphernalia is here that 88% eReaders (respondents) didn’t use library for borrowing eBook in the past 12 months since the survey was conducted.


It’s really matter of consideration that when users wanted to borrow a particular eBook from the public library and it wasn’t available there. 56% respondents said “yes”, when the question was asked, while 39% replied in negative. In addition to these, 52% eReaders had waited for the particular eBook at local library, but 46% hadn’t need to wait. There’s also an issue about the compatibility of eBooks with eReading devices, 80% respondents said “No” while asked about was the eBook not compatible with eReader, on the contrary, 18% supported the question.

Via: Mashable 

Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project


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