Is Microsoft Looking To Make “Surface” An iPad Killer?

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Microsoft has eventually entered into Tablet hardware manufacturing realm and it’s trying to make Windows 8 as attractive as possible. It seems from the company’s strategy that it has targeted to businesses and obviously, it will try to carve out Apple’s dominance in Tablet segment. If the company is going to launch its own Tablet then what should we consider about the company’s move for its hardware partners?

Indeed, there’s a linger discussion, could Microsoft proof itself as potent viable in the Tablet space? Although, it’s not the first time  when Microsoft has introduced its own hardware, prior to this, it has already introduced Zune and Xbox. However, Zune has somehow remained successful, on the other hand, Xbox has already proven itself in the market.

A senior analyst at Forrester Research–Sarah Rotman Epps–said, “This product line marks a crucial pivot in Microsoft’s product strategy. It blends the Xbox first-party hardware model with the Windows ecosystem model. It puts the focus on the consumer rather than the enterprise. And it lets Microsoft compete with vertically-integrated Apple on more even ground.”

Microsoft has wrapped out two types of keyboards (doubles as screen cover with brilliant touch) for the Tablet. The device has ability to stand along built-in kickstand and it could be used as laptop. The physical keyboard for the Tablet, lack of camera and focus on MS Office environment are clearly depicting that Microsoft has targeted to businesses.


Microsoft is currently focusing on its core Office Suite business that’s why it has included Keyboard in its Tablet. The company has endeavored to provide better experience of touch-based computing on the device. But, there is questions, how Microsoft partners are reacting to the launch of ‘Surface Tablet’? In this context, Microsoft is not pressurizing to its hardware partners, the company is trying to set the bar higher for its hardware partners by launching their own Tablet.

I think, Microsoft has not designed “Surface” just for killing to iPad, it is creating a baseline for Windows 8 Tablet. It’s is creating a baseline for hardware partners like HP, Dell and other. Here, the company is rendering priority to quality products, which could be seen in its colorful Metro UI Windows 8 Tablet. Surface will integrate top-selling Xbox game console and Office suite applications.

The company is facing a fierce competition from Apple and Google in mobile and desktops segment, while in game sector, its main rivals are Sony and Nintendo. Indeed, a quality Tablet from Microsoft will compel Android and Windows hardware partners to improve  and innovate their products.

However, it’s not an easy task for Microsoft to provide a stiff resistance to Apple’s Tablet business. iPad has made its penetration in the global market for over two years. I accept that Microsoft has years of experiences in software field but it’s still nascent in the hardware era. On the contrary, iOS platform is also affluent in applications and features. Besides these, price of the device could also play vital role in the shipments. Yesterday, citing to other source, DigiTimes has reportedly stated that Windows 8 Pro-based Surface Tablet (with Ivy Bridge Processor) would be cost at least US$799, while Windows RT-based model (with Nvidia’s Tegra 3) will be priced above US$599. At present, price of the device is even greater than reduced price of iPad 2 (starting from $399). Undoubtedly, the Tablet has not be designed for those users who love low-price media Tablet.

It’s pretty clear, Microsoft has designed the Tablet for specific users. However, the company might have an intention to demonstrate the Tablet to professionals and business users that how effective the Tablet is. There might be a possibility that an impression of the Tablet among businesses could create an environments for Microsoft’s hardware partners. But, the Tablet could not lure a significant number of users those are looking for low-priced media content Tablet. Really, it’s ridiculous to think that Microsoft’s surface Tablet could kill Apple’s iPad.




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