How Creative You Could Be With Your “Pee” – Guitar Toilet ! [Video]

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Remember the much appreciated “Peeing Experience Video” we have posted few weeks back ? Apparently, we have got an extension of  such great innovation this time which could probably make you fell in love with your “Peeing Ability”. Let me introduce “Guitar Pee MPee3” setup which allows you to be creative – as much as you can – while peeing.

A highly customized toilet – transformed into a Guitar – generates MP3 tunes through the motion, speed and style of your pee. 🙂 In the whole setup, the urinal is plugged with Guitar strings, amplifier, speakers and recorder. When a person urinates, strings get pressed unequally due to divided pressure level and amplifier helps to produce the tune instantly.

A person can hear the self-composed tune in ‘real time’ which he could also download later from the campaign site which live streams the whole incident.


Undoubtedly, the whole experience is really shocking for a person who gets fascinated towards the urinal due to its guitar like design and setup. However, he ends up with lots of fun and joy which most of the users like to share and record. Infact, the video showcases many users who tried to become more creative with their ‘give-away’ and enjoy the whole setup extensively. Truly, a great innovation backed up Technology and Instruments !

Here is the video for you to have a look and enjoy ! May be, such “Guitar Toilets” will come to your city soon.



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