In the war amongst various means of communications, email is immortal. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, smart phone, PC or laptop, mailing will never be last on the race track. Email is the strongest online activity in the world. A significant increase in the exchange rate of emails is seen in mobile users when compared to web-mail and Desktop emails.

In fact an increase of 150% in emails via mobiles is seen in the past six months.An astonishing mark of 37% of emails is opened through Outlook. Hotmail stands in the second place of 11% followed by yahoo mail and emails accessed via iPhone with 10% and 10% respectively. Even the greatly used Google mailing service (Gmail) marks only 4%. However, there is a 30% increase in emails through Gmail by the usage of  Google Chrome Browser. And similarly Google chrome helped in the emails increase rate of 13% via Hotmail and 5% in Yahoo. Explorer, Firefox and safari are behind chrome.

Following is an Infographic of the facts and figures of the emails by “mailin”:



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