Hardware Details For Next Generation iPhone Revealed In iOS 6 Beta

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Discussions over Apple’s next generation iPhone are getting warmer day-over-day. Yesterday, we have illustrated ‘leaked images‘ of Apple’s iPhone 5. Indeed, the company is secretly working on its new Smartphone project and planning to contend existing high-end devices. Currently, Apple is testing to its two next generation iPhones–named iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2– with larger display resolutions. It’s pretty clear that the upcoming iPhone will have larger 4-inches diagonally screen display.

Apple is not just going to increase the size of display screen (leaving the current resolution), but it’s planning to add more pixels. The new iPhone is expected to have 1136 X 640 pixels screen display, an extra 176 pixels compare to the current iPhone. The next generation iPhone would have 1.9632 inches wide and 3.484 inches tall screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9, means, one can enjoy full screen movies or videos at the original aspect ratios.

Recently, a digital firm “9T05Mac” has revealed that the next generation iPhone would be powered by iOS 6, a Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0. The firm has also predicted that the new iPhone might have an ARMS5L8950X processor.

We might guess about the processor (ARMS5L8950X) because the company set up S5L8940 version in its previous iPhone and also applied S5L8945X version on its new iPad. What will be the next processor? Citing to an internal source, 9To5Mac has confidently stated that the new processor could be “A5-***(the firm has prevented to say an actual nomenclature due to some reasons), but it would not be A6 nomenclature. That’s why, we should not be confused about whether the new iPhone will have A5 processor or some other A6 nomenclatures. In the terms of Graphics processing unit (GPU), the new iPhone would have some entirely new features.

Interestingly, some prototypes of the device use an older Qualcomm baseband chips–basically used in cellular-enabled new iPad 4G. The company might have strategy behind because these chips are able to allow low-power voice/ data on different networks especially on TDM-LTE technology. Currently, China Mobile is using the same technology and China has become second largest market for the company after the US. Besides, the information is also depicting that the new iPhone would have 1 GB RAM. Now, like Android OS, Apple is also trying to implement larger size of RAM in its device.

We might expect that Apple could launch its new iPhone before holiday season of this year. However, due to intense competition, Apple is going to launch its new iOS Maps app in the new iPhone, and has also decided to pull out Google’s map from its own tiles. Anyway, Apple is currently endeavoring to contend its biggest rival Samsung–which has incredibly made a record to ship more than 50 million Galaxy S lineup (S and SII).


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