Since the launch of Google+ from June 2011, now Google+ has over 100 million users globally, which is a high growth in less time. Using Google plus apps one can work faster in it and the result would be even faster if he/she is an Android user. The top brand companies are using Google plus to expand their revenue. And the latest feature Google Hangouts where one can stream their hangout in Google+ with a maximum of 10 people online, while in the mean time YouTube records it. Google+ has the best search results which can also be shared at the same time. Most Google+ users are male of about 69.3 % where as woman users are 29.3%. You can have a better experience with the Google+ photo sharing. Google plus helps your business to be  ranked in the search engine result enabling you to gain maximum profit. Most of the users moved on from a different social site to Google plus just because its less noisy. Google plus provides you with hot topics and better notifications. Following are the 20 reasons to switch over to Google+ by


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