Future of Social Media: A Promising Portrait Or An Evolution !!

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There is a critical debate going on among the great analysts about the probable future of today’s Social Media. With the Social Media industry evolving in such a constant rate, curiosity is in the air. Following are some of the possible predictions of Social Media in Future.

Smartphone Express:

Due to the increased statistics of Smartphone users around the globe, now people prefer to use Social Media via their Smartphones rather than their PC or Laptops. Smartphones has become a part of life from the  morning alarm to the silent mode in the night. In the future it is most probable that most of the people would be found using Social Media via Smartphones.

Ad Apps :

And due to the abundant smartphone market, now it’s again a challenge for the app industries to cope up with the app demand of the public. And when talking about the apps, most of the Social networking websites are purely dependent on the revenue generated through the brand advertisements. And many Social sites have not yet figured out a way to integrate such apps into the smartphones. In the future people would be able to view the brand advertisements included in the website in the smartphone as well.

Site Makeover: Email, personal info, Like, Security

As one Social Giant website (like Facebook) is taking over other similar websites, now it’s a critical situation for the other sites to maintain their pace in the social medial race. Below is a photo by comScore describing Facebook overtaking other similar sites.

Facebook Taking Over or Overtaking other Social Networking websites

This would lead to a total makeover of these websites in the near future (like the new timeline in Facebook). The “like” could become “superlike”. The list of the personal info in a website could increase from the religion status to the hip size of the person, which is similar to the detailed personal info in the matrimonial websites. To make the website more secure, the Social websites could make it mandatory to add at least one personal photograph with contact info and they will have it verified. Due to the word limitation, they could even think to start email service integrated into the social site in future.

Social chain reaction:

As humans are social animals and excessively busy with their work space, it is going to become mandatory to follow at least one Social site. People would interact more online rather in person. Even those people who don’t even have proper user accounts would create one due to the Social media chain reaction. Below is an photo of an interesting survey by retrevo which shows the percentage of people who can interrupt for an electronic message while they are online.


interrupted by an electronic message Search Integration:


Google plus search and share

After the introduction of Google+ which has many cool features where people can search any topic online and share it as well and other cool features like Google’s hangout, other Social sites are planning to include similar cool features into their websites. So this intense competition might result in including of similar features by default in all similar websites in the future.

IPO Package:

After the Facebook IPO release, it has revealed the importance of Initial Public Offering among the Social Media Giants. This could urge all such companies to go “IPO”. So in the future the companies who didn’t even think about the IPO would be forced to follow the trend due to the rival competition.

Relationship At Stake:

With the majority getting addicted over the social sites, people would speak up online even to a person who is just living beside in the neighborhood. What I mean to say is people would like to meet online rather in person which could start the “relationship disaster era”.

Cloud Storage:

The concept of Cloud computing is likely to be added into the social media sites to overcome competition and increase in luxurious demand by the public. People can then add number of files or videos into the server and access it from anywhere and anytime from the world.

Cloud Storage


Social Resume:

Already, some social sites like  LinkedIn and Facebook are being used for job search or sacking of the candidate by the employer in some parts of the country globally. So in the future these sites are going to be a part of our lives that it will be considered like a resume at the time of job search.

Character Predication:

In future it could take a couple of seconds for the people to analyse anyone’s behavior or character based on the groups that the person has pinned to his/her profile. So overall, like minded people can finally improve their relationship or business in the future. For example if a persons adds groups like books, J.K Rowling etc, then the person who is visiting the profile can make out that the person is in the same wave length pertaining to books or writing.



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