“Facebook Search Engine” Would Be More Powerful Than “Google Search” !

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From last one week the word ‘Facebook’ has apparently sucked the whole bandwidth of internet. It started with much hyped rumor of “Facebook Search Engine”, then moved onto Mark Zuck’s B’day – there was a rat race to cover his whole biography and uncovered aspects of life -, which kept continue with U.S. biggest Internet IPO by Facebook followed by Mark Zuck pro-longed marriage with his girlfriend. Really so much in a week for Mark to cover and perform !

Among all of this, Facebook Search Engine is the only string on which whole industry is standing at the beginning. May be or may be not, Facebook will ever think to take Google head-to-head but one things is pretty sure – Facebook Search engine can create turmoil among all industry giants.

Facebook Search Engine: Demand And Supply

A network of close to billion people who are spending 93 mints daily over Facebook on an average. 250 million photos are being uploaded over Facebook everyday and the count is supposed to shoot up drastically after the acquisition and future integration of Instagram. On an avg each user is spending around 20 mints over Facebook on every visit. There are 37 million pages which have minimum 10 likes. These stats are enough to visualize the amount of data Facebook is handling – and storing – each minute through its users’ activities. The process is on since the very first day of the launch of Facebook – close to 8 years.


Consequently, Facebook is sitting over huge stack of data bank related to various topics and users’ activities, nature and interest. And, definitely there is a need of a robust social search engine – rather a Facebook Search Engine. In fact, the current structure of Facebook allows the social network giant to have better control over data mining and relevancy which would surely help Facebook Search Engine to mark its presence.

However, a recent search and social survey by Greenlight – which was conducted over 500 people – judges the situation otherwise. As per survey result, 48% people dislike the idea of Facebook search engine but feels that it can capture 22% of search market.

Facebook Search Engine Facts

Surprisingly, on the issue which comprises 1 billion people, a survey over 500 people (.00005%) is trying to set the tone of whole community.

Bing: The Early Adopter Of Social Search Engine

Recently, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has integrated the social search functionality to its search results. Though the roll out has been limited till date, the trend and success measurement will be an interest aspect to look out in future. Bing is currently holding second position with 15.4% of global search market.

Infact, Microsoft influence over Facebook is no surprise. Many analysts are taking the launch of social search by Bing as the first step of the launch of Facebook Search Engine.

Facebook Search Engine: End of Google’s Monopoly ?

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the one of the biggest threat for Google in recent time. Despite of the launch of Google+, Google is failed to attract significant number of active social users towards its network. Google also tried to gel its social presence with the search result by integrating +1 but due to small number of active Google+ users, the initiative is not really paying off well.

To avoid any major future damage, Google recently went through the major revamp of search algorithm ( Panda and Penguin Updates) to produce more relevant, organic and quality content results.

However, the efforts are proving fatal for many organizations and SEO professionals who are failing to capture the nerve of latest Google search dynamics. This has made companies and marketing professionals to emphasize more over social media marketing efforts in order to stay in competition and to keep business afloat. This could be just the beginning and if Google will keep updating its search terminology, Facebook Search Engine could become a proactive need to confine Google realm.

Google Search Market: Tough Nut To Crack

In any case, the road will not be that easy for Facebook search engine even. Though, there are billions and millions activities are being performed ever day over Facebook, Google has got a significant leap over its competitors who are constantly making failed attempts for years to squeeze its search market share. Currently, Google is controlling around 64% of search market share by performing 3 billion search terms every day.

There are many rumors about Facebook potential involvement in search industry and with the launch of Bing’s latest social search, the argument and debate has been heated enough now. Though, the addiction of Facebook among users is varying based upon age group, an effective Facebook search engine will surely prove its presence – for the company and for the users.


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