How People Are Using Digital Devices For Video Content [Study]

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Indeed, the interest of online users are declining year-over-year to watch video content on their home TV. Now, users are more willing to watch videos on their computers. A research analysis Firm “Nielsen” has reportedly stated that online consumers are almost equally interested to watch video content on computers and TV at their home. 80% of internet respondents in 56 countries reported video content watching on TV and computer device to the research analysis during the study period. According to the study, 84% respondents said that they were more likely to view video content on their computer at least once a month while 83% accepted to watch on TV, down from 86%  and 90% respectively compare to 2010.

At present, “in-home TV” and computer have become prominent source to view video contents. However, the growth of video-enable mobile devices has impacted on video content view on “in-home TV” and “computers” in the last couple of years.  Three-quarter (74%) of global respondents during study period stated that they used to watch videos via internet (but did not describe about the devices on which they used to view video contents), up 4% compare to 2010. Over half (56%) respondents said that they watched videos on a mobile phone at least once a month, while 28% accepted to watch at least once a day.

According to the study, 32% respondents said that they were more likely to view video content more than once a day on their computer during the study period, followed by 17%, 16%, and 10% said that they would prefer to view video contents on their computer ‘a few times a week’, ‘once a day’, and ‘less than once a week’ respectively.

The study also reported that 27% respondents used to see video contents on TV more than once a day, while 19% and 18% said that they would prefer to watch the video on TV once a day and a few times a week respectively.

However, mobile video watching is mostly popular in emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific and Middle East/Africa. 74% respondents in Asia-Pacific and 72% respondents from Middle East/Africa said they used to view video content on mobile phone at least once a month, while 38% and 37% respondent from respective regions accepted that they used to view videos on their mobile devices at least once a day.

Anyway, it’s pretty clear from the study report that online video content viewing on mobile devices are prominent in Asian-Pacific and Middle East/African region, whereas, the video watching on the specific (mobile) devices are less popular in America, where 38% respondents during study period said that they watched video contents once a month on their mobile devices. Video content view on computer devices are substantially increasing year-over-year worldwide.

source: Nielsen


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