Users Still Resist Towards Secure Data Access Through Mobile Devices: [Report]

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Number of Smartphone and Tablet are substantially increasing day-by-day, despite of this, majority of users are not yet trusting on mobile or online services to be secured. A research analysis firm “Juniper Networks” has conducted a survey over 4,037 respondents across five countries in March of this year and said that only 15% respondents (involved in  survey) were satisfied with mobile security. The survey also included numbers of online services such as banking, healthcare and shopping. However, 51% of respondents believed online banking services were secured to be accessed on mobile devices.

According to the firm’s report, number of companies (asked during the survey period) were precautious about the access of corporate networks on mobile devices by their employees. These companies understood that exposing the networks on mobile device meant to invite intruders to conceal secrete database.  However, Juniper stated that the mobile devices, which were  being operated on AT&T carrier especially Samsung (Seoul: 005930),  were secured.

On asking about mobile security to respondents, 63% told that mobile phone providers were responsible for security vulnerabilities. Social networking websites were considered as most sensitive media in concern of security risk, only 36% users supported that it was safe to use.  On the contrary, online shopping sites ranked top with 60% of respondents  support, while online banking got 51% reliability from users during survey period.

Juniper Networks’ chief mobile security evangelist –Dan  Hoffman—said, “Some of the biggest news [to come from the study] was that despite the number of people using mobile devices, their level of those trust in the security of those devices is really low. Only 15% of the respondents indicated they had a ‘great deal of confidence’ in the security of those devices.”

In addition to these, 71% users said that they changed the usage of the services, if once, they found that it was not secure. In this set, 52% accepted that they left viewing the material from workplace, while 78% said they discontinued their online banking through their mobile device.

Previously, I have discussed that how mobile OS  are vulnerable in security concern. Android OS has now become a challenge for device manufactures. However, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry mobile OS are more safer in security space compare to Android worldwide.



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