Yes, It’s Time For Samsung To Look Beyond Android !

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Samsung is now the world leading Smartphone manufacturer and thanks to Android OS, which has contributed the company to achieve zenith position. Last year, Samsung launched its illustrious Galaxy lineups of Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus, which are also being powered by Android. The company shipped 93 million Smartphone in its fiscal 2011, and astoundingly, it sold 35 million Smartphone in just Q4 (calendar) last year. Besides,  the company sold 20 million of Samsung Galaxy SII in just 10 months after its launch in April last year. Indeed, Android plays a vital role in proliferation of Samsung’s Smartphone across the world.

Despite of this, Samsung is looking beyond Android OS. You might be in dilemma that what the needs of the company to seek for other options rather than Android? However, there are lots of serious issues related to Android OS.  Fragmentation of the OS has become a headache for manufacturers and developers and majority of developers are not willing to work on this platform. Besides this, security vulnerability of the OS has intensified the situation worldwide.

Presently, Android has become primary OS for majority of manufacturers and number of manufacturers are currently working on the this platform. Augmenting number of Android-device  manufacturers around the world have created an intense competition on this platform. Currently, Android is occupied with several legal maneuvers from Oracle and Microsoft. Worldwide, numbers of the companies including Samsung, HTC , LG and more are paying royalties to Microsoft for using the OS.

However, Samsung own Bada OS is still outstandingly performing in the Asian market. Last year, Samsung sold almost 10 million Bada-powered Smartphone worldwide. Really, it’s not easy for the company to ignore the production of Bada-based Smartphone across the world.

In January this year, Samsung announced that it is going to work with Intel on Smartphone project, Tizen, you might call it as an offshoot of Meego OS. It’s quite known that Meego is a Linux-based open source  Smartphone operating System.

However, Samsung has not yet cleared that whether it will  sustain the relationship with Intel for long time period or not. Presently, the company is working with Intel and debuted its ‘developer reference handset’ at “Tizen Developer Conference” on Monday this week.

Before going further, it’s better to explain some of the features of Tizen based developer reference handset. The device has 4.65-inch screen, 1280X720 HD Super AMOLED screen, an 1.2 GHz dual core A9 chip and 1 GB of RAM. In addition to these, the device has 8 MP camera, contains cellular radio (while some devices are Wi-Fi only) and has an excellent HTML 5 browser.

The video (below) has been provided and I think it will definitely impress you:


It’s pretty clear form above video that “Tizen” is no way vulnerable than Android OS in the Smartphone OS era. Samsung unveiled its Galaxy SIII model on May 3 last week and it was quite clear from the device that the company is currently more emphasizing on users experience. The device has numbers of  features, which is pre-requisite to lure a vast number of users across the world.

The company is realizing to take ownership of the end-to-end products which is only possible when it will have more control over the users experience such as TouchWiz at the interface layer. Undoubtedly, Tizen is an open source mobile operating system and Samsung will have opportunities to do lots of things in its development side. Anyway, I think, it’s really the right time for the company to think beyond Android OS by holding lappet of Tizen.



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