64% Of People Still Consider Cloud Storage A Risky Affair [Study]

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Cloud storage technology has made the data storage much easy, simple, and worthy online. It is not only facilitating portability to users but also providing good amount of storage space for almost the cost of peanuts. Services like ‘Drop Box’, Google Drive and SkyDrive from tech giants are the ones which are supporting and enhancing this ecosystem for the next level. Users are actively relying on such services and hosting lots of their personal and professional information on cloud environment. However, the data security has always been a challenge for both the consumer and company authorities.

As per a poll conducted by InfoSec Europe, over security status and facilities of cloud storage, 45% of participants are currently using  cloud storage systems. Though, the young Entrepreneurs and SMBs are advising to their employees to go with cloud computing – due to its easy and good operations – 64% still feel this a scary affair and would like to stay away.

The main reason behind the such disappointment by majority is the ‘setup’ and ‘architecture’ of these cloud storage providers which fails to match the requirements of Enterprise users. Since the data will always be hosted on 3rd party server and storage system, the possibility of corporate data rigging always exist.

Cloud Storage

Besides, many other security concerns like Data Hacking, Crashing, and mishandling of data by 3rd party cloud storage provider are always itching corporate users. Infact many companies still lagging in terms of implementation of corporate policies which is making them to leave control over cloud data among employees, which is another risky aspect.

Chris Pace, a product specialist at Sophos, says “Simple precautions such as web-based policies using URL filtering, application controls that can be applied to cloud products, and data encryption that provides a layer of security across the board, should be introduced as standard if companies wish to reap the benefits of cloud, while mitigating security risks.”

Alternatively, many companies are relying over Wi-Fi setup and taking it as an exception. However, this throws a another challenge to them to control the synchronization of personal mobile devices like smartphone and Tablet by the employees. With constant appreciation of mobile devices usage running on multiple platforms, data monitoring and screening has emerged as a big challenge.

Chris Pace, a product specialist at Sophos, suggested that, “Instead of businesses setting up a standard wireless router that connects to the internet, with everyone using the same or a limited number of keys, they should be looking for ways to integrate Wi-Fi into their existing network security, giving them both better value and control.”

Though, the infrastructure improvisation and explosive growth in mobile market has kicked the data usage up, solutions like DropBox and Google Drive have emerged to handle the appreciated need and requirements. Also, with seamless integration between mobile, desktop and internet, the adoption of such services are only going accelerate. However, it would be interesting to see how these services are going to cater corporate concerns and needs in order to penetrate enterprise market.


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