How Much Fun You Actually Have Over Facebook – Try Facebook Fun Audit [Video]

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Everybody in this world hates one thing the most – auditing their records, activity or let it be anything. People like to stay free, calm, relaxed without have any flag of monitoring. However, sometime its quite interesting o setup an audit for your activities which can result in measuring the level of fun and joy you are actually enjoying.

Trident gum has actually launched a process called “facebook Fun Audit” which actually screen all your Facebook activities including photos, posts, shares etc to audit your Facebook presence and let you know whether you are really enjoying your presence on world’s biggest social network.

Undoubtedly the whole process is very interesting and to make people aware of this, Trident gum has launched a very funny video to explain the necessity and interesting sides of your Facebook profile. The application has already staretd gaining the momentum as many celebs have already started doing their ‘audit’.

So, if you are among the one who is known in your circle as ‘facebolic’ and feel that you are really enjoying your presence and activities, its time for you to put yourself on testing platform. In mean time, you can enjoy the below video which is expose the fun part of The Fun Audit process.



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