Two Out Of Five Adults Do Not Have Smartphone In The US: [Study]

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In the U.S., the wireless data traffic is increasing with galloping pace year-over-year due to strong penetrations of consumers electronics products such as Smartphone, Tablet, laptops and more. A recent survey from “Pew Internet & American Life Project” has revealed that 88% of American adults (18 and older) have a cell phone, while 57% have laptops. Tablet computer has still low penetration in the country, just 19% have such device, while 19% own an e-reader. Besides, 63% users (six out of 10) prefers to go online wirelessly with their devices.

Previously, we have discussed how age, education, household income and physical ability determine the use of internet. According the firm, e-books are comparatively more popular among adults aged between 30-49 years than under 30 years. According to study, mobile users are quite interested in finding, sharing and creating a new information on internet.

The firm revealed that 46% of American adults have Smartphone—those who said their phone is Smartphone or their phone is powered by Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm or Windows Phone during the survey.


41% adults (two out of five adults) in the country do not have Smartphone, they are using feature phones. Undoubtedly, it depicts that numbers of Smartphone users are comparatively more than feature phones across the country.



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