Google Map Has Been Downloaded Over 50 Million Times:[Infographic]

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While we are talking about Apps store,  Apple App Store pokes into our mind first. Undoubtedly, Apple is the biggest player in the market, possessing over 500,000 apps in its app store. Google Play is currently a greatest rival of Apple in numbers of apps, but it still needs to do a lot of works before catching up to Apple.  Windows phone also seems very aggressive towards apps development, and hence, it has grown up 30,000 more apps since November 2011, currently, it has more than 70,000 apps in its app store. Likewise, RIM is also following the path of Microsoft and apparently more emphasizing on its apps business.

Recently,  RIM’s VP of developers relations–Alec Saunders–said that 13% of BlackBerry Developers have made $100,000 or more money from their apps. Almost 6 million apps are being downloaded every day from BlackBerry App World, over 15K PlayBook Apps aw well as 2 billion apps have been downloaded till date. Presently, 66.2% of apps downloaded in iTunes are paid apps, however, it has been decreased by 5% from August last year.

Indeed, iPhone app sales are 4 times more than that of Android apps. However, Google Play is currently acquiring more than 400,000 apps. Only, two  paid Android app have been downloaded more than 500,000 times, otherwise, 79.3% of Android apps have been downloaded less than 100 times, while only 4.6% apps have been downloaded over 1,000 times. Astoundingly,  Google Maps has been downloaded over 50 million times till date. For details, the infographic has been provided for you:

Source: ReadWrite Mobile



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