Doodlr: An Amazing Togetherness Of Physical And Digital World [Video]

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The adoption of QR codes is just being versatile with each passing day. The innovations, ideas, and adoption of technology have grown way beyond computers, mobile phones, and digital objects. with the improvement in the technology arena, people are trying to squeeze the gap between the digital and physical world; Doodlr is one such example of this.

Folks from Love Labs have attempted to bridge the gap between the two worlds with the help of QR code,, and node.js. Instead of making a simple smartphone app to draw something on your screen and project it on a bigger one, Doodlr is an experimental project which allows you to have real-time interaction between multiple users at a time.

Doodlr allows passing-by shoppers to connect with their smartphone and project it on a big screen. It challenges the shoppers to draw something instantly and once completed, it makes flickr album of that drawings automatically where other people also have their own share.

[vimeo 38424562]

Undoubtedly, an interesting concept and project with the help of – a mechanism to provide a single platform for all mobile platforms and browser-compatible apps, blurs the difference between various transporters – to connect people in real-time by a single QR scan.


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