Viacom Advances Its Stand Against Google For Infringement Of Copyright Contents

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First time, Viacom took Google into the legal court on March 13, 2007, for infringement of copyright contents.  Viacom sued YouTube, a video sharing site owned by Google, for allowing users to upload and view massive videos owned by Viacom without its permission. Viacom filled lawsuit against Google to give a compensation of amount $1billion for the damage over alleged copyright infringement. Now, Federal appeals court has once again revived a $1 billion lawsuit which was earlier filled by Viacom against Google’s YouTube for unauthorized sharing and viewing of hundreds of thousands videos through the video sharing site. It’s well known that the media giant “Viacom” owns several networks, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Spike. On Thursday last week, second circuit court ordered to the lower court district judge to verify whether YouTube was unknown with infringement of copyright contents access across the world or turned their eye close to overlooked.

U.S. Circuit Judge–Jose A. Cabranes– wrote in a 39-page opinion, “We conclude that the district court correctly held that the 512(c) safe harbor requires knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity, but we vacate the order granting summary judgment because a reasonable jury could find that YouTube had actual knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity on its website.”

The latest development is boding a thawing sign for the both the companies. On Wednesday, YouTube promulgated to sign a deal with Viacom’s paramount Pictures that YouTube will pay a movie rentals of paramount film to the company. On the other side, Viacom has also negotiated with YouTube to create a YouTube channel for Viacom’s comedy Central Channel.

In June 2010, the US District Court found that YouTube protected the copyright law. According to district judge’s–Louis Stanton–clarification,  the video sharing site removed copyright materials which was illegally shared by users across the world on the Google owned YouTube.


Viacom has already kept its stand that it will not tolerate if any internet company use contents without legal approval for building its business. According to the company, YouTube had intentionally infringe the copyright contents and offering hundred thousands of Viacom’s videos to folks.


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