GSMA: India Should Refrain From Making Its Own Technical Standard [Report]

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Undoubtedly, India has made a stringent hold over the global telecom industry–having second highest number of mobile subscribers. The government of India has proposed a new National Telecom Policy to promote the development of new standards and generation of intellectual Property Right in order to make India as one of the leading telecom nations especially among Asia Pacific countries. Indeed, the telecom ecosystem in India is quite different compare to rest of the world, hence, there’s need of robust standard framework to have higher penetration of telecom products. According to GSMA, there’s more than 10 million HSPA 3G connections across the country, and expected to increase up to 100 million by 2014. Despite of all these, GSM Association accepts that India should refrain from developing its own standards.

GSMA’s Director General—Anne Bouverot—told, “I would certainly not encourage India to develop standard that is just valid in India. Technical standards need to remain global and that is why we are keen we have very strong participation from Indian operators in to the GSMA. India would be very significant player in the drive for economies of scale in mobile broadband. In terms of spectrum harmonization worldwide, whatever position India takes will be key to overall development of mobile industry in the world.”

At present, India is aggressively contemplating to implement 4G networks across the country. However, Smartphones supporting 4G LTE technology costs USD 500 in India—which is four times the average monthly GDP per capita of the country. But, India is going to adopt LTE network later this year, and definitely, the cost of LTE supported devices will decrease.

We cannot ignore the participation of India to develop the low price devices such as “Aakash Tablet”. Presently, a report has stated that the PC market in India could grow to 17% by the end of this year. The penetration of low-priced Smartphones, Tablets and increasing growth of PC in the Indian market will definitely augment the proliferation of internet usage across the country.

According to a recent report, India had 13.30 million broadband connections till December last year and expected to surpass the US in the numbers of broadband connections by 2016. Now, the climax of the country is changing, user are more relying on their mobile handset devices for e-marketing. The number of GSM as well as CDMA connections across the country is tremendously increasing day-over-day and it’s yet to overpass 1 billion figure, that’s why, I think India should have its technical standards for GSM as well as CDMA technologies.

Via: The Economics Times



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