Glassdoor has recently revealed a list of top 25 rated CEOs 2012, and it’s not astounding me anyhow why Tim Cook is rated as top CEO. Tim Cook took became successor of Apple after sad demise of its predecessor “Steve Job” (however, Steve handover the responsibility of the company to Tim little bit before his demise on Oct 5 of last year). There were huge speculation around the world that how Tim Cook will lead such giant technology company, but, Tim has proven themselves how he is capable to administrate the company—presently, the company is sitting on the hoard of $100 billion cash. The cumulative rating of Tim is 97%, though his was rated 95% during the period from March 2010 to March 2011. Tim is followed by Ernst & Young CEO—Jim Turley—and Qualcomm CEO—Paul Jacobs—each of having 95% approval. In top 25 rated CEO’s list, Google’s “Larry Page” is at the fifth notch.

HP’s CEO—Meg Whitman—succeeded to win employee support, and in this way, she has become the only women CEO in the list of the top 25 rated CEOs with 80% approval rating.

One Hewlett-Packard employee wrote, “Mark Hurd badly impacted HP Values and people morale, but HP has got amazing people who kept on performing through salary cuts and CEO scandals. So my most sincere good luck to Meg and her leadership team to bring back some of the HP way.”

A list of top 25 rated CEO has been provided by Glassdoor is given below:

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