Forget Tablet and Smartphones; Take the Digital World On Your Wrist

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In the era of mobile devices, people like to carry their digital world along with them almost everywhere – including inside the batroom. However, there are few limitations when people need to shed out themselves from their gadgets. Now, a new device, known as “Watch The Future” is ready break such boundaries. Now people can wear the “Watch The Future” on their wrist and could stay active on social media and many parts of digital world.

A french tech geek, F. Bertrand has launched a new concept device “Watch The Future”. It is just like a wrist watch which has few features of smartphones or Tablet. This gadget will give all updates directly on your wrist including your messages, mails, GPS, Facebook updates and many more.

This innovative ‘watch concept’ can be handle easily, and the icons can be adjusted according to your choice. The new technologies that make it more interesting is tracking of your pulse and your emotions. Besides, it can also track your mobile phone when you have forgotten that where you had kept it.


However, currently this smart watch is just a concept so don’t hurry up to buy; it will take time to launch in market. But in coming years you can expect this wrist device (or similar sort of gadgets) in the market which can carry more advanced applications than a smartphone – that too on your wrist or palm – something which we had already witnessed in “Sixth Sense”.


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