Why Are Well-Funded Apps With Successful Founders Failed?

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Market is flourished with enormous numbers of apps and thousands of new apps are debuting every day. They are lots of challenges for apps development firms in order to develop the apps, the foremost challenge for them is fragmentations of OS—there are lots of versions of different OS are available in the market. This month, two high-profile apps such as Hipster and Oink have been disappeared from the market. In addition to this, two more apps including GroupMe (develop for group chat) and Foursquare (check -in model to reviews) have also failed to get popularity in the market. Hipster was acquired by AOL, while Google bought Oink. Likewise, GroupMe and Foursquare were acquired by Skype and Yelp respectively.

There might be a big question, why these well-funded apps with successful founders are failed to make its appearance in the market? It’s a very difficult to predict the success of any product before come to consumers’ hand. It’s very hard to understand what consumers really  expect—it might be websites, movies, books, music, toys and some other. Consumers are of fickle minded, they care to fulfill their need by any cost because they have larger options of apps to select–they prefer to choose those apps which suit them best at the particular moment.

In present scenario, it is very tough for new comers to lure a vast number of folks, which are being taken-off by the pedigreed players or existing players. It not possible to attract folks by just publicity through Twitter or and writing up into a tech blogs. The two major challenges are; first, getting people to install the apps on their devices and second, promoting through the websites or other media for the advertisement.

Apps are said to be successful only when relevant customers return to access regularly. For this, app development firm need to have fresher content, useful features, and reminders for users in the notification and emails. If users once installed the apps on their iOS and Android devices, there is also a limitation that the apps to be accessed by users.  The iPhone and Android home screen can display only 16 icons which include only the core features such as the phone, messaging, and map icon and that’s why, these apps remain untouched with users.

Indeed, the situation is worsening day-by-day for apps development firm. They are basically facing an intense challenges from pedigreed apps developers such as Apple and Android. Apple is currently offering over 550,000 apps through its Apps Store, and likewise, some other players RIM, Microsoft and Nokia are still adopting variegated stunts to lure folks. Besides, apps developers have to launch several updates for their regulars users for different OS updates. In addition to these, the developers have to develop apps by keeping some parameters in their mind such as screen of the devices and even colors of the devices.


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