Facebook Provides Much More Than It Consumes From You [STUDY]

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Around 845 million users are connected with Facebook at the time of its S-1 filling. However, all of them have splitted verdict about Facebook advantages and disadvantages. In fact, a good number of people believe that Facebook is just a productive killer which consumes much time and efforts. But, many of them are unknown to the fact that Facebook pay them back more than they give it to the company. A recently study reveals that how Facebook’s 845 million users are engaged with Facebook and what do they get back from it.

Study highlights that online interaction and engagement on social media titan – Facebook – is equivalent to offline social interaction across the world. In addition it has been found out that on an average women made 11 updates in a month time compare to 6 updates by men; while on the other hand women comments more on the updates rather than that of men.

“There was a general trend in our data that women use Facebook more than men”. “This is a phenomenon that is not unique to Facebook. Women are traditionally in charge of social relationships offline, and that seems to be true of the online world as well”, as said by Keith Hampton, a professor at Rutgersand lead author of the report.

Study also enlightens that men prefer to send more friends request compare to women while women likes to receive more number of friend requests.

Besides, It has claims that 40 percent of Facebook users – taken part in the study – send friends request, while 63 percent of them received at least one friend request in a month. In addition, 12 percent tagged their friends while 35 percent tagged themselves in a photo. Interestingly, users click the like button next to friends content on an average of 14 times compare to 20 clicks on their own contents.

“There is this 20% to 30% who are extremely active who are giving more than they are getting, and they are so active they are making up for feeding everyone extra stuff”. “You might go on Facebook and post something and have time to click ‘like’ on one thing you see in your news feed, but then you get a whole bunch of ‘likes’ on your news feed. That’s because of this very active group”, as said by Hampton.

Now, it’s quite clear that users gain much more than what they invest over Facebook. Besides, it also help them to expand their contact circle beyond the boundaries of any particular country or region. However, the only point to be note here is How intelligently you use Facebook and the type of content you share on your wall.


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