Older Teen Girls Are More Texter Than Boys Of Same Age In US: [REPORT]

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As numbers of Smartphones and Tablets are augmenting worldwide, the behavior of folks are also being affected–especially more among teen agers. A research analysis firm—Pew Internet & American Life Project—has revealed a comparative study of teens’ behavior towards mobile handset devices in 2009 and 2011 in US. The firm has noticed that the median texts send per day increased to 60 in 2011 from 50 texts send per day in 2009. The texts send per day were higher among 14-17 age groups, sent 60 texts per day in 2011 and also expected to send 100 texts per day by coming two years. The firm has elaborated that boys of all teen ages between 12-17 sent 50 texts per day in 2011, up from 30 texts per day in 2009. According to the report, teen girls of older age between 14-17 sent 100 texts per day in 2011, compare to boys of same age who sent just 50 text during same year.

The report states,  39% of teens were still using their cell phone for calling in 2011, while 35% were more likely to meet face-to-face to others outsides the school premise. Besides, 29% teens preferred messaging through social networking site, while 22% and 19% were more likely to interact through instant messaging and landlines respectively.

Just 14% of all teens aged between 12-17 years  talked with their friends on landline in 2011, down from 30% in 2009.  39% of all teens accepted that they never talk with their friends on landline, while 26% of all teens used their cell phone to talk with their friends in 2011, down from 38% in 2009.

23% of all teens between 12-17 had Smartphone in 2011 and ownership were higher among the older teens (between 14-17) — 31% had Smartphone in 2011. The report has also unveiled that the parents’ educations determined Smartphone ownership among teens last year. Teens whose parents had college education were more likely to own Smartphone than the teens whose parents have a high school diploma or less, their percentages were 26% and 19% respectively.

source: Pew Internet & American Life Project


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