Google Nexus Tablet: 7 Inch $149 Tablet Coming This May ?

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Last year, Google announced the launch of Tablet with maximum quality in the first half of 2012. The acquisition of Motorola cued the intention of the company to launch the device, but a recent rumor states that Google has chosen ASUS for the manufacturing of its “Nexus Tablet”. Citing to DigiTimes, an analysis portal “Android and Me” has reportedly revealed that the Tablet might come as early as May and expected price is to be $149. The portal has also said that the Tablet may not have speculated Tegra 3 processor.

Previously, I mentioned how Google “Nexus Tablet” will jeopardize Android based Tablet market. If Google will launch its own Tablet with maximal quality at the nominal price then who will purchase the Tablet which will have lesser feature, powered by the same Android OS, and at somewhat more price.  It seems that Google is on the way to undercut low price Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barns & Noble’s Nook. The company has endeavored to lower down the bill of materials by implementing the processor cheaper than Tegra 3.  Last year, Amazon had decided to include Tegra 2 into its Kindle Fire Tablet, but at the last moment, they went with Texas instruments’ OMAP4.

Considering Google’s Tablet manufacturer ASUS, which has a strong relationship with Qualcomm, we might expect Snapdragon processor in upcoming “Nexus Tablet”. The device is expected to be announced at the CTIA Wireless show in between May 8-10  this year.

The Tablet is expected to run on Android latest Ice Cream Sandwich version. In addition to this, rumors also speculates that “Nexus Tablet” will be powered by OMAP 4 processor because Android platform is well written in order to support OMAP.

Google might officially announce its next version of Android OS, codenamed “Jelly Bean“, later this year at Google IO in June 27-29. Definitely, it will be a good hearsay for Google Nexus Tablet owner that they will have a better option to upgrade their OS. Anyway, to buy a Tablet with maximum quality at just $149 is indeed a great deal.



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