Will Apple Really Launch 7 Inch iPad Mini This Year: What’s Inside ?

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Apple’s iPad is well known for the transcendent users’ experience and also considered as most suitable Tablet for use. Despite of this, citing to a Samsung official, a rumor from The Korea Times reveals that Apple is going to launch 7.85-inch screen iPad Mini later this year. It’s quite obvious that there has been a long legal between Apple and Samsung across the world. It does not mean that Samsung has prevailed the rumor for retaliating Apple. The South Korean electronics giant has allegedly said that Apple has bought $11 billion worth of parts.  And one of the Samsung official states that the parts that is purchase by Apple is basically used in the smaller touch-screen displays, which is putting the hype of iPad Mini across online.

Samsung official said, “The contract is expected to rise to $11 billion by the end of this year as Apple is planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.85-inch screen, and to sell more of its MacBook Air PCs using Samsung’s faster solid state drive (SSD) storage.”

iPad Mini: Why Apple Need One ?

The same was previously reported by Taiwan based DigiTimes, published last December that Apple will release the smaller iPad Mini by the end of 2012. Now, the news from two different sources further authenticate the rumors. However, There might be two things: first, the rumor is correct and Apple is gearing up for iPad Mini. And second, Samsung is just guessing what DigiTimes told.

However, as the demand of 7-inch Kindle Fire Tablet is increasing, one could easily predict 8 –inch size Tablet is more preferred among users. Do you think, this is right presumption? I don’t think it so. Amazon Kindle Fire has caught the attention of users due to its low price, not because of smaller size. Indeed, according to a recent study, only 9% of consumers are interested to own a 7-inch Tablet, while two third still want to use a 10-inch device. 10-inch iPad provides more awesome experience than 7-inch Kindle Fire.

It’s not in the blood of Apple to create a product just to contend with its own existing products.  The company has created the products which has been changing the market dynamics. These products include iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air; and undoubtedly, iPad is also among them. Company has never innovated the products to reinvigorate the existing ones.

However, Apple has created a vast number of apps for its iPhone and iPad. Adding 7-inch display iPad Mini means to create a problem for its own developers. Apple has always been precautious about screen fragmentation—offering just two size of screen. A third size, care of a 7-inch iPad Mini, will definitely force app creators to explore some other tracks of development.

Anyway, there are lots of points which contradict the introduction of new 7-inch iPad Mini by the company later this year. Apple is presently dominating in the tablet market segment—sold 15.4 million iPad just in Q4 last year. And if everything is going quite well then what’s the need to release 7-inch iPad? I think the decline of Apple’s Tablet market share (from 61.5% in Q3 11 to 54.7% in Q4 11) quarter-over-quarter has intensified the company to do so.

What do you think friends; Will we ever see 7 inch iPad Mini from Apple ? And, Do you think that there is a legitimate need for this ?



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