US Tablet Owners More Committed Towards Paid Contents

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A vast amount of contents are currently being availed by different Tablets owners by free of cost. If you are interested to read e-books or any media contents on your Tablet, then you need not to be worried because these contents are being provided by different owners by free of cost. Nevertheless, some owners are providing media contents by charging some amount of money. These bucks are being taken by these players for maintaining and sustaining the proper media contents’ environment in order to provide better users’ experiences. There’s a big question, if a huge amount of contents are available at the free cost then why users should pay money to different owners in lieu of owing such media contents. But, a recent report of Nielsen reveals that Tablet owners are not opposed to paying for media what they really want. And the report also states that Tablets owners in the US, UK, Germany and Italy are more willing to pay money to purchase media contents. According to report, American Tablet owners are most interested to pay bucks on the purchase of all media contents except news.

The U.S. was at the top for media content ever paid on Tablet in Q4 of 2011. The stats depicts that 62% of US Tablet owners had paid for music contents on their device, while, in Italy, UK and Germany, the percentages were 20%, 19% and9% respectively.

Money expenditure on Movie contents, the U.S. was again at the top in Q4 last year with 51% Tablets owner, who paid to have movies contents on their device. However, 23% Tablet owners in Italy, 9% in UK and 6% in Germany spent money for movies contents on their Tablets.

The participation ratios of Tablet owners among these countries (US, UK, Italy and Germany) to purchase TV shows contents on their devices in Q4 last year followed the same trends as it was in the case of purchasing music and movies contents. The participation percentages of owners who spent money in order to have TV shows content on their Tablet in US, Italy, UK and Germany were 41%, 10%, 8%,and 4% respectively.

It’s quite clear from stats that Tablet owners in the U.S. were not willing to invest money to purchase news contents on their Tablet in Q4 last year, and that’s why, only 19% owners spent money to have news contents on their device. On the contrary of the US, the participation of Tablet owners for the news content in Italy were increased, 44% Tablet users paid for news contents on their Tablet. However, in the UK and Germany, 19% and 15% Tablet owners paid for news contents on their device respectively.

Anyway, the stats provided by Nielsen is highly fruitful for investors who is offering media contents in lieu of some bucks. The stats clearly demonstrates how Tablet users are interested to pay in order to fulfill its requirement.

source: Nielsen



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