Apple To Launch 15-Inch MacBook Air In April: Will It Jeopardize MacBook Pro?

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Apple is going to release a larger version of its coolest and thinnest notebook, and also, it would look alike the existing MacBook Air models. The rumors seem somewhat awkward but it’s true. A UK based website “Electrispig” has revealed that Apple is preparing to launch its impending 15-inch MacBook Air in April this year. Citing to anonymous source (which is Key player in MacBook docking solution), the website has stated that the rumor came into the notice while it was at Computer Unlimited Exposed show on Tuesday.

The source revealed that the new 15-inch MacBook Air will apparently have ports along its both sides, but more importantly, the device will entirely devoid of an optical drive at Ethernet connectivity. Previously, the rumors stated that the company might launch its 11- and 13-inch MackBook Air line in April this year. But, now rumors state something else that the company is going to launch 15-inch Air next month this year.

Digital trends claimed that after subtle investigation of guest list for Computer Unlimited Exposed, Henge Docks—VA based Accessories Company,  started making MacBook docks in 2007 and released its first dock for the MacBook Air in January this year–has been recognized as the source. The new MacBook Air will have the same design as the present model have, but it will only differ different in  porting (which will be along its both sides in new version).

Previously, Apple used the same strategy  in late 2008 and early 2009, when the 15-and 17-inch MacBook Pro redesign were introduced by the company within three months of duration. Do you think Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Air could effectively kill the MacBook pro?

Apple got rid off from the white plastic swathing to its MacBook lineup last year, and Apple is still more relying on MacBook pro for its bread and butter—the majority (two-third) of notebook sales.

The company is currently trying to prevent itself from the use of bulky optical drive for the posterity’s sake. The company is presently more focusing towards flash and cloud-storage. It’s in the Apple’s blood that it has always been willing to adopt new technology. The company is endeavoring to abandon an optical drive from the original Air, which could be a great risk. Presently, the company is more relying on the embryonic “Thunderbolt Technology” for its docking purpose.

Apple has reportedly announced its Q1 earning report which has shattered all previous records. Undoubtedly, the company is privileging iCloud but notebooks users are still more prefer traditional mechanical hard drives–having vast storage at fractional cost. A larger numbers of folks are still more interested to have an optical drive in order to rip music and videos or taking the advantages of widely available optical CD and DVD.

This time Apple is more aggressive towards its  Mac Air model rather than its Mac pro  model–which has been made a great success worldwide. There’s not yet any information concerning to revamp of Mac Pro model of the company.



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