Each day we come across various Initial public offerings by different companies, but few of the IPOs have made history by raising mamooth investment figures from the market. Few months back the much awaited IPO of the decade was filed by social media titan Facebook. It has been rated as one of the biggest IPO by an internet company since Google’s IPO in 2004. Looking at the rise in number of IPO by internet companies, an Infographic has been released which highlights the Top 10 IPOs by internet companies till date.

It has been discovered that Facebook IPO is the biggest IPO followed by Google and Alibaba.

However, the market valuation of all these companies differed from each other drastically. As Facebook market valuation is near about $100 billion at the time of IPO compared to Google $23 billion.

Infographic enlightens that out of all these 10 internet companies, the growth rate of Google, LinkedIn and Zynga, after the IPO, is quite impressive as these three companies performance rate has increases in double digit.

Interestingly, 5 out of these top 10 internet companies have filed their IPOs in 2011 itself, which points out that 2011 is the golden era for internet companies as well as investment bankers.

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