Around, 2.1 billion users are connected with internet globally and on an average they spend four to five hours on internet for surfing, browsing, downloading and chatting. Especially after the induction of social networking sites, users’ time investment on internet have been increasing rapidly. As they use to search jobs, watch videos, update status and uploads pics. Still many of us are unknown of the fact that what all can happen on internet in 24 hours. To let users know more about the internet an Infographic has been released which highlights various stats which can took place in a day on the internet.

It has been discovered that in a day users send around 294 billion emails and on an average it would take 2 years to process that much of mail in U.S. Infographic also reveals that around 2 million blog posts are written on a day, which is enough to fill the Time Magazine for 770 years.

In addition 172 million different people visit Facebook in a day compared to 40 million on Twitter and 22 Million on LinkedIn.

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