PollRoll: Mobile Question Answer App For iPhone With Mix Of Social Media

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Ask.com is back in the Q&A genre with a mobile app called PollRoll, which as the name suggests allows users to create simple, intuitive polls on your iPhone and then post them to Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

A Rumor doing the rounds is that PollRoll is being launched to help the SXSW (South By South West) conference attendees find stuff at the conference and do so by having fun, but Really? We don’t think so. The app seems to have the makings of a successful commercial app. PollRoll makes it easy for users to publish and answer quick questions such as “Where is the best party at tonight?” and “What should I order at Franklin BBQ?”, those who choose to respond also have the option to leave comments and post photos if they wish to do so.

In the words of Ask.com CEO Doug Leeds – “SXSW is the perfect testing ground for us to play with mobile polling functionality……..ultimately shaping how these features are integrated across both our flagship mobile app and site.”

The app faces competition from similar existing apps such as iPoll, PullBob and Thumb to name a few. Thumb, which is an app by a startup named Opinionaided claims that its users spends 3.5 hours on an average browsing though its quick polls every month. Now if that is any indication of how successful such an app could be then in PollRoll, Ask.com might have a winner at their hands.

Already blessed with a 100 million user base Ask.com seems to have the perfect platform to turn this baby into a monster success story provided they stick to the user friendly UI which currently seems to be giving PollRoll an edge over other Polling apps.


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