In last few years numbers of blogs sites as well as bloggers have increased rapidly. Even, reader interest towards blogs and blogging sites has risen up constantly. A recent survey, conducted over over social media and global blogging industry, reveals that in last half a decade number of blogs has increased from 36 million to 181 million.

It has been discovered that overall 6.7 million people publish blogs on blogging sites using various blogging platforms and an additional 12 million write blogs using their social network globally.

Study highlights that majority of the bloggers are woman and around half of the bloggers are in the age group of 18-34.

Interestingly, 1 in 3 moms are bloggers and around 52 percent of bloggers are parents too. This directly indicates that house wives and moms and  more interested in writing blogs as it can be done from home itself.

It’s well known that for bloggers social media means a lot as it is one of the best marketing platform to promote their blogs globally. On an average a blogger posts videos or blogs as well as comments on the blogs twice a day to trap more number of users.

Surprisingly, three out of top 10 social networking sites in U.S.– Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr – are mainly for consumer-generated blogs. Out of these three, Blogger is the biggest one which has registered more than 46 million unique U.S. visitors during October, 2011. Meanwhile, Tumblr is also emerging as the fastest-growing social networking or blog site on the top 10 list as its users base has been doubled in last one year.

On the whole these three blogging websites combine for 80 million unique visitors during October, 2011. This means reaching one in four active online users in U.S.

If the bloggers as well as blogging sites continues to grow in similar manner than by the end of this year near about 210 million blogs could be around the world. However, its not only the blogging act which is enjoying the party alone. Latest entrants in social media space like Pinterest is also fetching significant traction among internet users worldwide. It has reached to 10 million unique visitors in US by the end of December 2011.

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