Smartphone Subscribers Surpassed 100 Million Figure In US: [STUDY]

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It’s not astounding to listen that the number of mobile handsets is going to surpass the world’s population soon. A recent report has stated that the global mobile connections had outdone 6 billion figure by the end of last year. Now, an online mobile data research firm—ComScore—has reportedly stated that there are 101.3 million Smartphone users in US, up from 97.9 million in Oct 2011—an increment of 13%. The firm has estimated monthly mobile usage data for the three months average period ending by January 2012. During the stint ending January this year, there were 234 million American with age of 13 and more those who used mobile handsets during the three months average period ending January 2012.

Google Android had implausibly performed during the period ending January 2012 and marked 2.3% growth. Android succeeded to capture 48.6% of the Smartphone subscriber followed by iOS with 29.5% market share in three-month average period ending January this year. The stat provided below is definitely helpful to understand the market share of different mobile OS.

RIM ranked third after grabbing 15.2% market share followed by Microsoft and Symbian with 4.4% and 1.5% share respectively. However, the period was not well for Palm and could occupy just 0.8% of market share.

Among mobile handset manufacturers, Samsung was at Zenith with 25.4% of US mobile subscribers, followed by LG and Motorola with 19.7% and 13.2% market share. Apple could lure 12.8% of total mobile subscriber in the US, however, which is up by 2% from October last year. In terms of number of mobile subscriber, RIM ranked five with 6.6% market share. Despite to be in top three, Samsung, LG, and Motorola had lost its market share during the three months average period ending January 2012. In this category, Apple was only the company which succeeded to grow its market share during the survey period.

The mobile phone and Smartphone are often used for other purposes besides phone calls. 74.6% users of US engaged in text messaging in January 2012—which is up 2.8% from October 2011. 48.6% users were frequently used download application (up by 4.8%), while 48.5% used browsers—up by 4.5% from October last year. Mobile handsets are often used by folks to access social media networking and for playing games. 35.7% users accessed social media site through their mobile handsets (up 3.4%), while 31.8% users played game on their mobile device (up by 2.6%) during average of three months ending January 2012 in US.

Finally, the data is highly trust-worthy for mobile handset manufacturers to understand the behavior of folks. It’s pretty clear that masses are often use mobile handset for web browsing, text messaging, gaming, social media network accessing and more.


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