15 Tips To Make Your Company’s Blog As Most Effective Business Tool

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In last few years numbers of blog writers as well as blogging sites have increased drastically. People are becoming more fascinated towards reading and writing about innovative ideas, vision and subject. In fact, many companies have included blogs as one of the section on the company page to increase the engagement ratio with their visitors. Such section provides useful information like challenges, issues, success story about companies products/services.

However, many of the company still lag behind as they don’t have any particular experience on blog writing and consider it as no-return time consuming process. So, in accordance to those companies we have listed out few points which can help them in making their company blogs successful :-

  1. They should regularly update Industry news happening across the industry. This could be easily done either through self-managed CMS engine or through an auto aggregation which can pull interesting posts from various sources.
  2. They should provide information about what’s trending in the industry.
  3. Write about those points which can prove fruitful for their customers. This will easily linkup the content with company’s product/services.
  4. Company should regularly update case studies about the successful completion of the client projects. This way, company will not only create buzz but also develop a ready-made sales toll to pin up with sales proposals or referrals.
  5. Company should not highlight their weak point in their blogs. Though, everyone has got a weak string in its rope but its always better to let customer judge the same.
  6. Company should create video, showcasing the success of their clients at regular interval of time. This way company can form a group of audience which are not much tempt towards reading but prefer to opt rich form of media like visuals and videos.
  7. The most important is that company should subscribe the top industry blogging sites. This way company can initiate the link building activity which will help to gain higher ranking among various search engines.
  8. They should develop a series of how to do a blog post to help and attract people who are no way directly related with company’s products/ services but could be a good influencers. This process will also help company to establish itself as a authority of information among many communities.
  9. Even they should create video of how to develop a blog post as it always easy to learn and understand process through visual than content.
  10. They should run survey as well as polls on their blogs at regular interval of time to analyze the readers’ mindset who are visiting the sites.
  11. They should provide share button of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to publicize its content more and more over social networks.
  12. They should insert interesting (but RF only) images which can attract users to read the blog.
  13. Company should use the “subscribe” button via RSS and Email as many organisation doesn’t allow broadcasting Chanel like Rediff, Facebook, twitter inside office premises.
  14. As social media is one of the emerging platforms, company should promote their post on social networking sites at regular interval of time.
  15. Company blog should be managed on dashboard in such a way that it should be visible to the all employees and users. This will help company to educate and improve its employees intelligence and vision towards work, product/services and office culture.

If companies will follow the above mentioned points, than it will definitely help them to boost their blog section.


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