Apple Worth $500 Billion: Yes, It Can Beat Microsoft $600 Billion Record

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Apple’s stock market worth has augmented by nearly $230 billion since December 2010. If you invested $10,000 into Apple in 2000, definitely, you could get $966,667 today – almost a millionaire now. Whether it’s astounding to you or not, the company has incredibly marked almost 98% of growth in just a little over a year. Presently, Apple’s worth is greater than the sum of the total worth of Microsoft and Google together. Apple’s stock market value reached the top—almost $500 billion—just after early trading of Wednesday this week. Apple has now joined the elite list of 5 companies that have surpassed $500 billion valuation ever.

Apple Market Cap Crosses $500 Billion

If we try to know the past records, we could find only Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Cisco, and GE have surpassed the $500 billion valuation figure. However, Microsoft’s $600 billion stock market worth record is the all-time highest to date. Microsoft’s current market value is $267 billion, nearly half of Apple’s $500 billion market cap. Apple’s valuation is higher than even the gross domestic product (GDP) of some countries such as Poland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, or Taiwan.

What can Apple do with this worth; you might like to find out – “Apple Now Worth More Than Microsoft, Google Combined: Is High Demand Of iPhone And iPad Accountable?”

Apple is now one of the fastest-growing technology companies in history. The company reportedly stated in January that it unprecedentedly recorded 73% growth in sales in the last year compared to 2010. The company’s profit in Q4 last calendar year was equivalent to the total revenue of the company in the same quarter a year ago. A week back, Apple’s share value in open trading reached $500, with a potential to grow further. On Wednesday morning trading, Apple’s stock rose to $540 per share.

Currently, Apple, with a $500 billion market cap, is the most valuable company in the world, followed by ExxonMobil, which is worth $410 billion. PetroChina is at the third notch with a valuation of $281 billion, while Microsoft is in fourth place with $267 billion.

The statistics depict that Apple is growing at a dizzying pace year-over-year. Apple’s iPhone alone accounted for half of the company’s revenue in Q4 (calendar) last year—exclusive of its sale in China. Currently, Apple is facing stiff legal resistance to selling its iPad in China. If we sum the total contribution of iPhone and iPad to its entire revenue in Q4 (calendar) last year, it would reach 72% of the total revenue. Apple sold 37 million iPhones and 15.4 million iPad in the last quarter. Apple’s Mac lines also contributed nearly 20% to its revenue in the last quarter—which might be considered as 24 consecutive quarter sale growth. It’s obvious that Smartphone as well as Tablet segment is substantially growing year-over-year, which might be a good indication for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Apple is still more aggressive about its Mac lineup. The company has recently announced to launch Mac OSX “Mountain Lion” later this year. On the contrary, Microsoft’s market valuation has decreased from $600 billion to $267 billion. Microsoft Windows Division negatively performed in the last quarter. Windows Phone is currently far behind iOS and Android OS. I think it’s not possible for Windows Phone to overcome iOS or Android in the market share by the end of this year. However, Microsoft is experimenting with Windows 8 operating system, which might do some miracles for the company.

Anyways, Apple has currently a hoard of cash, and the company is seeking to invest the amount in some constructive work. However, investors have continuously compelled the company to invest the cash somewhere. As the conditions predict, Apple has a marvelous future ahead, and its share value is continuously increasing day by day. Analysts are predicting the valuation to grow further up as the third version of Apple iPad – iPad3 – is scheduled to witness the mega launch on March 7. And, if everything goes well as planned by Apple, surely investors and shareholders will see great appreciation further.

Definitely, the day is not far when Apple will surpass Microsoft’s recorded market valuation of $600 billion in upcoming years.



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