Samsung App Challenger: Develop An App For Galaxy Note And Win $200,000

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Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note last year in the market–which was an experiment of the company over the hybrid design of Smartphone and Tablet. Due to bulkiness of the device (uncomfortable to hold the device in the hand), users prevent themselves to own.  The company is currently trying to lure folks to experience the taste of the device. That’s why, the company has announced the Galaxy Note S Pen App challenge yesterday. The company is trying to encourage developers to create apps for Samsung Galaxy Note and its S Pen Stylus using the S Pen software Developer kit. Developers could submit their apps from today until April 2 this year. The best app will be announced; according to public verdict and the company will announce the winner on April 16 this year. Those who want to be a part of this challenge could visit There you will find the S Pen SDK—which will provide developers the necessary tools to integrate the unique functionality of stylus into new or existing Android apps.

Samsung Mobile president—Dale Sohn—said, “The Galaxy Note enables new creative ways to interact with your phone though the advanced S pen technology. We are excited to see how developers use the S pen SDK to come with new ways to integrate the S Pen into applications.”

The company will award $100,000 to best developers, whereas, second and third winner will be awarded by $50,000 and $25,000 respectively. There will be ten honorable winners, each one will be rewarded by $2,000. The company has articulated the apps submission into ten different categories such as games, media, sports, social, lifestyle, travel, productivity, education, entertainment and others.

Anyway, it might be new strategy of the company to tout its Galaxy Note business by organizing such apps challenges. The stunt is how much effective could only be find after the end of event.


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