Is Stephen Elop ‘Overconfident’ About Windows Phone?

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iOS and Android has swept out major portions of mobile OS market. Windows Phone is still seeking to make its strong appearance in the market. Last year, Microsoft moved up with Nokia to entice more users towards Windows platform. However, Microsoft’s condition was little bit improved last year than a year ago. On the contrary, Nokia’s shipment of mobile handset is steadily moving down year-over-year. At MWC, Nokia’s CEO—Stephen Elop—is trying to convince business partners, carriers, and the media persons  that everything is going usually as he planned.  Elop is quite satisfied with the company’s alliance with Microsoft since February last year. According to Elop, Nokia has achieved a lot in these twelve months, and the company decision was righteous to move with Microsoft a year ago.

Elop said, “One year later, after making our big decisions about strategy, I am more confident than ever that we made the right decisions.”

Microsoft is currently building up an entire ecosystem more likely to the  Metro Style UI. There is wide expectation of the company from windows phone, windows 8, and Xbox Live. Elop understands that the friendship with Microsoft might bring more opportunity for Nokia to expend its business beyond the Smartphone. The friendship of Nokia might be helpful for the company to enter into new Tablet segment. Is it the right time for the company to move into the Tablet segment?

I little disagree with Elop on this context, it’s the strategy of Microsoft to merge small companies and take its advantages. Microsoft meets its requirement of technology as well as workforce from these small companies. The company has recently acquired Skype in order to get large numbers of Premium users. Skype is being a cash cow for Microsoft to hoard dollars. Likewise, it might be the strategy of the company to include Nokia in its cash pile campaign. Definitely, Nokia is currently leading in the mobile handset manufacture, if Microsoft might succeed to persuade Nokia, vast users will be attracted by Microsoft for its Xbox Live and more.


As far as the question is concern with Nokia’s expansion into Tablet segment, I think it’s not the right time for the company to enter into this era. Presently, Apple is dominating the segment, and the company has wide range of apps, music, services, videos and more. While other players like Kindle Fire and Nook are highly efficient in the e-book and other online services. At the moment, even Android is seeking for market share—recently, Android Market reported 450,000 apps and 1 billion apps are being downloaded every month. Recently, Nokia’s Symbian has obsolete compare to Android and iOS, and it’s delinquency to believe on the either Windows Phone or Windows 8.

Despite of all these, what’s the need for the company to launch “808 PureView” this time. There are lots of things around the company where the company really needs to focus. If the company wants to expand its boundary, then the company should more work on its own OS. At the moment, Microsoft is still struggling in the Smartphone as well as Tablet segment. It’s ridiculous to move with Microsoft at the moment, I think, Stephen Elop is Overconfident about Windows Phone.



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